And The Two Shall Become One

Apologies again for the gap between posts. I imagine this may happen from time to time  as I get caught up with events that limit the quiet, reflective time I spend writing and sorting through the images I’m gathering along the way. I have thoroughly enjoyed my family time and a friend’s visit the last few weeks, but will soon be back on the open road… and blogging more regularly.

Since I last posted, my Winnebago and Honda CRV got “hitched”.  (For you RVers who are seeking to do the same, after much research I went with the Blue Ox system and I’m very happy with my choice.) I’m searching for the perfect names for these two vehicles. Right now they are affectionately referred to as “Zippy” and “The Beast”. Not hard to guess which is which. I welcome any suggestions, and may actually make a contest out of this.

My maiden voyage with Zippy in tow was to the Oregon Coast. There’s definitely a lot more to think about when towing a car (or dingy or toad, as they are commonly referred to.) I’ve added another 17 feet behind me (a whoppin’  52 feet now!), and cannot even see the car unless I’m taking a sharp turn or through the back-up camera, which is on full time now so I can see little Zippy is still behind me. There’s no backing up with a tow car attached (not your basic trailer hitch), so I have to be much more selective about where I turn. No more spontaneous side roads in The Beast without risk of having to stop and detach Zippy to get myself out of a bind.  I’ve already had to do this, and I’m sure I’ll find myself doing it again from time to time but it does take some time and is best avoided. The benefit of adding the tow car is that I will now be able to travel down many “roads less traveled” without the worry of getting stuck.

New posts coming soon to catch you all up, but in the mean time here’s a few shots of my “dynamic duo”, and a some beautiful scenes from my first week in my home town of Longview Washington.

Zippy and The Beast

The Duo from on top of the Astoria Column

Lake Sacajawea

My tow car Zippy

Sunset over The Columbia

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