Sitting in Silence

Well, I haven’t just been sitting. I arrived a week ago in my hometown of Longview WA and dug in for some family time. I also dug into some projects I’ve been needing to attend to, like rounding up a car to tow along on my journey. (Now I can get off road!) Thanks to my new friend KC at Stirling Honda I’m the proud owner of a lightly used “Certified” Honda CRV-EXL. Very cool, zippy little car that weighs in at about 3200lbs. Very towable behind my Winnebago. The marriage will commence on Wednesday this week. No rings or vows, just a tow package. 🙂

Speaking of silence, I’ve taken a few days to venture up the Columbia River Gorge to Maryhill WA where I found a beautiful state park right along the river. It’s spacious and quiet here. That is with the exception of when the trains roll by, which is somewhat frequently, but I don’t object to the sound of trains as some might. We lived on a hill above the tracks in Longview when I was a kid, and listening to the log trains rolling through town was a part of everyday life. Because of that I find the sound of trains to be somewhat comforting. Between trains though, this place is quiet and peaceful. I was not able to bring my car along, so no winery tours and wine tasting as this area is known for. Instead I’ve found some needed time to tackle a few more work related projects (still much harder from the road, but I know I will get into my groove eventually), and take the dogs for some good, long walks. They are ALWAYS up for a walk. The word alone gets their tails wagging. Yesterday we met a new friend, Gabby, a delightful little seven year old who fits her name well. We spent a lot of time on the bank of the river, just talking and skipping rocks. I’ve never seen so many perfect skipping rocks in one place… EVER! What a simple pleasure, losing myself in those moments… picking up smooth wet stones, some of them streaked with brilliant color… chatting with Gabby about completely unimportant child-like things… getting excited about finding the “perfect skippers” and seeing what we could do with them. My record was seven skips yesterday. I hope little Gabby is still around when the sun comes up today. For now… I’m enjoying the quiet. An old friend once told me that silence is sometimes the most beautiful music of all. I couldn’t agree more. It’s golden!

Part of a herd of elk across from Dad's house

Art is everywhere!

The Columbia River Gorge and Mt. Hood

Our new friend Gabby!

Sadie trying to retrieve our skipping rocks. 🙂

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