Over the river and through the woods…

Over a couple mountain passes too! The drive from Chelan to Issaquah (East of Seattle and Lake Washington) was spectacular! The first 40 miles or so were right along the beautiful Columbia River. I grew up along the Columbia, not too far from where it dumps into the Pacific, and had never researched it’s exact path. Starting in the Canadian Rockies, it flows south (and slightly west) through Washington and then cuts west on the border between Washington and Oregon along what’s known as the Columbia River Gorge. If any of you readers are ever up to the Portland OR/Vancouver WA area the Gorge is a must! It was a special kind of treat to follow the Columbia for awhile along my drive… imaging that it was leading me home. It would have been interesting actually, to follow it’s path the entire distance. I may have to do that some day, but on this journey the destination was my brother Tom’s house in Issaquah. The weekend was all about family time… his son Tommy’s football game, washing my RV with his daughter Natalie, a quick shopping trip with his oldest, Madeline, and kitchen time with his wife Nancy. My brothers, Andrew and Eric and their families (and much of Nancy’s family) came out to celebrate Tommy’s 10th birthday. I am blessed with a very special relationship with my brothers, and feel very close to each of their families. It was a delightful and restful weekend. Today I’m heading to Longview where I will dock my RV for a bit and spend some quality time with my parents and my brother Topher who lives just a bit further south in Portland. I think I’ll take the back roads to get there… see what I might see along the way. 🙂

Side note, Robert Pregulman of Seattle Dog Spot took the time to drive out from Seattle to interview me for his blog yesterday. He’s traveling today so Iit may be a few days before he posts it, but you can check it out at www.seattledogspot.com. Thanks Robert. Nice meeting you!

Another side note… it occurred to me as I saw my nieces off to school this morning that I was so caught up enjoying the family that I forgot to get pics of them while we were all together. I’ll be around WA long enough to make up for that, but for now I won’t have them to post. A few from the journey though…

From the top of Snoqualmie Pass

Snoqualmie Falls. I was terribly disappointed the trail to the base of the falls was closed!



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