Downtime in Chelan WA

The drive from Coeur d’Alene ID to Chelan WA was peaceful and diverse. It rained for the first hour of my three + hour drive, but it finally let up and got sunnier with each mile. Hwy 2 took me through miles and miles of beautiful rolling hills and farm land. I was baffled when I suddenly came upon fields with huge boulders jutting out of the otherwise smooth hillsides. Where they came from is a mystery I’ll have to research. Again, no turnouts, but the traffic was almost non-existent so I was able to stop right in the middle of the highway to get a few pics along the way. As I neared Chelan I came out on a high bluff with a spectacular view overlooking the entire valley… and no place to pull over for pics. The next few miles of switchbacks were a challenge with a 12 percent grade. Doesn’t seem like much, but with all this weight pushing you down hill you have to take it slow. Easier said than done. Even in low gear, and pumping instead of riding them, I burned through a bit of break pad. Once I reached the bottom I crossed the Columbia River, climbed the hill on the other side and rolled into the the lovely little town of Chelan.

My family used to spend a week every summer at Lake Chelan… waterskiing and hanging out with friends. The town of Chelan has changed tremendously since I was here last in the summer of ’76. I actually took this detour to Chelan to visit my friends Darren and Lisa Talley. Darren has been one of my dearest friends since we met in Jr. High, and although we haven’t had much time together since we graduated, the bond of our friendship has never changed. He’s the head football coach for Chelan High School, and was on the field with the team when I arrived. It brought back some great high school memories watching practice from the bleachers and joining the gang for pizza afterwards. It was clear that these boys have a tremendous amount of respect for their coach. Understandably. They couldn’t have a better role model than Darren.

Happy greetings from the Talley family dog, Wendy!

With my friends Darren and Lisa Talley from their back yard overlooking Lake Chelan.

Always on the look out for smiles!

I spent a couple days with Darren, Lisa and their family. Got to see another old friend, Greg Cowell over lunch. Lost track of how many marvelous tree ripened peaches I devoured. Stocked up on a huge sack full of fresh Washington apples. And was invited to join Darren on the sidelines for Chelan’s Friday night game, which they played well and won 35-10.

Great to see you Darren and Lisa! Much love to you!  Next stop… family time in Issaquah WA!!

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