Teton and Yellowstone National Parks

I have to say our national parks are amazing! What a blessing that these precious chunks of land were set aside for safe keeping all those years ago.  I set out yesterday afternoon from Moran Wyoming thru Teton and Yellowstone parks with the town of West Yellowstone Montana as my evening destination. The entire distance was so packed with breathtaking beauty that my two hour drive turned into four. One of the great things about the parks is they have an abundance of turn outs, some the size of parking lots, along the way. They actually WANT you to stop and enjoy the sights. They also have a max. speed limit of 45mph, so nobody was in a hurry, and it wasn’t unusual to find cars at a dead stop right in the middle of the highway if there was wildlife to be seen. No horns honking trying to move you along. How refreshing. I could go on and on about the beauty, but I think the images will speak for themselves. Enjoy!

Side note… I arrived just before dark my favorite campground to date, Grizzly RV Park and Cabin’s. www.grizzlyrv.com. Very clean and well appointed. I also met a delightful couple… Steve and Mariane, while out walking our dogs this morning. Steve is a photographer too, so we had much to talk about. Great meeting you two! Safe and happy trails!





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