Onward to Wyoming

The gods are smiling on me! Seriously!! Every day has been glorious. When there is “weather” it only adds to the “awe” factor. The days have been sunny to partly cloudy (always dramatic clouds) and the nights have been delightfully cool. (Keep in mind I spend most of my summer and all of my move in 100-108 degree temps! I’d have killed for these cool/cold nights!) Yesterday was by far my most grueling day of driving to date. Only about three hundred miles, but tough miles. Steep windy roads up and down the mountains of Utah and Wyoming. I took the time to stop for pics along the way, and that put me behind. I couldn’t help myself!! Amazing scenes mile by mile. I don’t even know how to put it in words, but I literally sit in my seat with steering wheel in hand saying to myself over and over again… “Oh my God!” I’m traveling at a scrumptious time of year for sure, but I think the sights would be amazing regardless.

I arrived at my destination in Moran Wyoming well after dark. Not ideal for me. Not only do I miss some of the scenery along the way, but it’s much harder to back into an RV spot and do all the plugging in and stuff in the dark. In addition… I like to get the lay of the land so to speak. Get a feel for the place and the people surrounding me. Once docked, I had a quick bite to eat and fell asleep shorty after with my computer in my lap and my alarm clock set. Tomorrow… sunrise on the Teton’s!

Red Fleet Reservoir

Of course there'd be a rainbow!





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