Day 15. Already???

Upon arrival at Red Fleet Reservoir, Utah

I’ll get back to days 9-14, but just to fill you all in, I’m in Utah! Red Fleet State Park to be precise, right on the outskirts of Ashley National Forest in the very NE tip of the state. I was actually headed for the Wasatch National Forest, but discovered yesterday in route that the National Parks (at least here in UT) are closed to overnight campers (and RVers) already! Why, when the weather is still so amazing, would they pull in the welcome mat? Oh well. When one is on a journey like this, one learns to go with the flow. Red Fleet, which got its name from three large sandstone outcrops that look like a fleet of ships, is a lovely and peaceful place. I understand there are dinosaur footprints near here. Might have to go check those out!

Sunrise on Red Fleet

 Not surprising, I marveled once again at the beauty to be seen between Basalt, CO and here. I was amazed at how quickly the terrain changed. What a marvelous country we live in! And I’ve only traveled across a few states! Gives me goose bumps knowing how much more is in store for me! The highlight yesterday was a cresting the hills just west of Meeker, CO to discover a gorgeous ranch valley with a lazy, meandering river running through it. (White River as I discovered later.) In comparison to the Frying Pan River (I’ll get to that) it was… soothing, and peaceful in a completely different way. It made me want to hop on a horse and get lost in the hills overlooking this gorgeous valley. Still killing me that there’s never a place to pull off the road when I’m dying capture a breath taking scene! So… that takes me back to Basalt. Since I don’t yet have a car, but I do have my dogs, I decided it would be better to take my RV up to Ruedi Reservoir and find a shaded place to park than to leave them locked up in it miles down the mountain. Eric described the steep windy mountain road ahead, and being a woman of experience (a few days worth at that point) I told him it would take me awhile to get there because I would be taking it SLOW.   He offered to pull out at the top of the reservoir and wait for me. I had no idea what I was in for. It was indeed a very windy, and at times very steep, road which followed the Frying Pan River all the way to the reservoir, and it was GORGEOUS! Once again I’ve got both hands on the wheel, and both eyes on the road.. keeping it between the lines (narrow lines!), with a quick glance when I could… at the river, the turning Aspens, and the hundreds of fly fishermen (and women) who dotted the river all along the way. I have no idea how long Eric waited for me. He was sitting on the hood of his car enjoying the sunshine when I pulled off the road. I hit the parking break and jumped out of my rig hollering “Oh my God! OH MY GOD!! OH MY G O D!!!!” That might have frightened most men, but he just stood there smiling. Seriously, it’s a good thing I’ve got great peripheral vision or I would have missed it all! So… after two lovely days of sailing, knowing how I agonized at not being able to stop along the way to capture some of this amazing beauty, Eric offered to drive me in his car and stop as many times as I wanted on the way back up the mountain. That and a few little side hikes took all day. That was day 9. Thank you Eric, for being a wonderfully patient man!

Fly fishing on the Frying Pan River. Wonder why they call it that? 🙂

The next few days are almost a fog. Not a grey fog as one would envision, but a very colorful one indeed. Hiking up the mountain, hiking along the river, relaxing in the sunshine, hanging out with Eric and meeting several of his friends, a few more stolen moments with Carol, my first run since shortly after my house went into contract, and yes… a fair bit of time spent trying to get “dialed in” technically. (So far that’s been the only frustrating part of this journey, and I almost wish I had taken care of all that before embarking on my journey, but that would have put me several days behind and THAT would have changed the journey, so… no regrets.)  I finally got email on my Mac, and then decided to change servers, so unless one of my techno friends out there can help me. I’ve got no email until Monday.

Eric- captain, chauffeur, boat builder, cabinet maker, tour guide, cook, kindred spirit...

From the top of Mushroom Rock trail.

Jazzy and Sadie cooling off along the trail.

Getting "dialed in". I didn't realize the humor of this scene until my new friend Bruce walked out on the deck and asked if I was a power broker. Funny man that Bruce! 🙂

That pretty much catches us up. I’ve left a lot out for the sake of space. My days in Basalt were amazing and full and rewarding. I am blessed to have found a special new friend… a kindred spirit… in Eric. My cornucopia of experiences there made it a bit difficult to leave, but the journey continues. Today… Wyoming!

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