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Trail Sherpa Design is a full-service web-design solution for anyone who wants to create an outdoor-focused website.

Trail Sherpa Design

Web design for the outdoor crowd

We built Trail Sherpa to gather the stories of people who walk under the sky and sleep under the stars. Storytelling is our business—we built Trail Sherpa Design to tell yours.

You might need help starting your own hiking website or creating a new look for the one you’ve got.

We do that.

Maybe you’ve got a new outdoor product ready to go to market and you need an e-commerce site sell it.

We do that, too.

Or perhaps you have a flourishing website but want to build more community among your visitors to foster word-of-mouth within their social circles.

Yep. We’re on that, too.

Our team at Trail Sherpa Design has spent most of the past decade building websites and niche social networks, and advising companies on social media strategies.  You can learn more about our day jobs here.

My story: I founded Vestor Logic a few years back to help companies improve their website and hone their social media campaigns. It was rewarding work, but I yearned for a way to connect my profession with my passion for outdoor adventures.

Trail Sherpa Design makes that connection. How can it it work for you? Pick an option:

  • The DIY option: Our team created a custom WordPress theme called Ultralight for hikers and backpackers who want an easy, plug-and-play design for their new sites. Ultralight comes in three styles to expand your options, and more themes are on the way.
  • The Redesign option: Lots of outdoor bloggers want to give their digital base camp a new look. We can spruce up what you have or help reshape the site’s design and functionality completely. We can even add a social-networking layer or e-commerce capabilities to your existing site.
  • The Web Design option: Trail Sherpa Design can guide you through the entire design process.  We will help you create an inspired WordPress theme design, integrate engagement functionality and develop the content that tells your story.
  • The Social Engagement option: Many site owners want to push their websites beyond posts and comments.  We can help you build your site into a thriving online community of members who not only consume your content but complement it with their own stories just like Trail Sherpa.

The reasons to use Trail Sherpa Design

  • We understand web design and have a proven history of helping people just like you.
  • We build exclusively on WordPress because we think it represents the best foundation.
  • We are current on the trends in the outdoor space and the conversations that matter to the outdoor-minded consumer.
  • We launched our first social network just a month after MySpace and have been pursuing the technology ever since.
  • We have a broader view of online commerce and social strategy as a result of our work in other industries and with clients of all sizes.
  • We have a vested interest in your success and the impact that your storytelling will have.

Working with Trail Sherpa Design

Working with us is easy. Just give us some detail on your project and we can create a customized quote. We offer a special rate for Trail Sherpa Members, so be sure to create your profile.


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I'm the founder of Vestor Logic, the digital strategy and web design firm that created Trail Sherpa, ParksFolio, and Modern Steader. I'm a day hiker, top chef in camp, doting husband, and father to two headlamp wearing boys. My work in digital media brings those experiences to life.