Day Three

Wow! What a journey. First of all, Palo Duro Canyon is beautiful. I did not get nearly enough time there, but I will be back. I met a new friend, Nancy Horton, fellow photographer who knew I was in the area. She felt as though she was imposing on my time, but actually did me a great favor by meeting me at the canyon and taking me (and the girls) on a quick guided tour. Again, I wished I’d had more time, but I also wished I’d known about the canyon sooner, AND that there was RV parking there! I could have stayed the night in this lovely place, and been there for the beautiful morning light! I’m going to interrupt myself long enough to say this… if you’re following my blog, and you know I’m heading in your direction, and you have the scoop on something or someplace I really shouldn’t miss… let me know before I get there!

Back to the story… I don’t want this to be taken wrong, there’s so much I’ve enjoyed about life in Texas, but being a NW girl I’m accustomed to a very different kind of landscape than what can be found in the Dallas area. Beautiful cityscape there, and many quaint surrounding areas, and open country roads. I’ve seen and photographed many beautiful sights while living in the state, but it hit me yesterday that I have not given Texas nearly enough credit for it’s beauty. Partially because I’ve not had the time to see it all. Let me just say this… I will be back, and it will be with a fresh new outlook!

So… northward. And more wind!! I don’t think I’ve shared the stats on my new “home on wheels”. This Winnebago if 35.5’ long, 12.5’ high, and 8.5’ wide (with slides in ready for the road). She (he??) is a beast! In high winds this baby can rock and roll! When the wind is pushing, she leans! And for two days I’ve found myself instinctively leaning against it, as if my body weight could possibly keep this thing upright! The things we take for granted in a car are quite obvious to me now. Every pitch and tilt in the road, every turn (especially the ones that are banked wrong!), the draft of every fast moving big rig on the narrow roads. You cannot be in a hurry in a big RV, which is just as well because I don’t want to be in a hurry any more. You also can’t be worrying too much about the guy behind you when there’s nowhere to turn off and ya just can’t go any faster. I’ll use the turn outs when they’re available, but otherwise… I’m just going to be another one of those old farts toodling down the road like I’ve got all the time in the world.

What an amazingly beautiful drive though, and at the end of the trail… the quaint little town of Westcliff CO, and the smiling faces of my friends Bob and Kathy Seei. Bob and Kathy were neighbors in Frisco. They have been through quite a transition themselves. Two years ago, after their two kids were grown and married, they sold their home, said good bye to the rat race and opened a cozy B&B in Westcliff… Over The Brim Inn. To be continued, and pics to be attached to these post as well. Soon!

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