Day Two!

Have plans for an actual platform for the girls, but for now... excess boxes will do.

Day two of the journey: I had every intention of doing a post last night, but after an intense day of fighting the winds (This big girl LOVES to rock and roll, and it’s my job to make sure she doesn’t get out of control and fall down!), a long walk with the dogs, a bite to eat and a glass of wine, numerous correspondences, and the continued progression of sorting through what boxes I was able to bring along… I crashed!

Amarillo sunrise. Wow!

After saying good bye to my dear friend Brandi we (me and my roadies, Jazzy and Sadie… pros at this already!) set out on our journey. What a feeling… to leave the old life behind. I do have to admit that I still feel a bit burdened by the list of things I still have to attend to (orders, banking, getting email on my Mac, and numerous other things I still haven’t remembered not to forget) but I’ve got all the time in the world to get them done. This journey is all about letting go… of stress, of things, of the burdens that keep us trapped, unable to truly enjoy this amazing gift of life. For the longest time I’ve been shaking my head… zooming through my days… and thinking “This is just WRONG! Life is a GIFT and we are all wasting it, scurrying around like little rats in a maze!” I refuse to believe that we are meant to live our lives in such a way. I’m sure I’ll get back to this subject very soon, but I’m going to detach for a bit. I’m heading north to see my dear friends Bob and Kathy in Westcliff, CO, but I found out yesterday that the second largest canyon in the country is just a bit south of me. So… adding a side trip to my journey! I’ll call Bob and Kathy in a bit. I’m sure they’ll understand my delay! 🙂 Off to Palo Duro Canyon!

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