Me, in a nutshell??? Ever try closing a WAY overstuffed suitcase? Mmmm hmmm

Ok, I have to admit I’m taking a short-cut here and sharing a post I did on the dog blog I started several months ago (and sadly won’t have time for as this one takes over). I’m sure that most of the folks who follow this blog don’t really know me, and many will undoubtedly wonder what would possess me to venture out on this journey alone. A little personal history might be enlightening. Keep in mind this was written in May of 2011, well before I knew I would embark on my journey in a 35’ Winnebago!

A few months ago, after numerous inquiries from friends on Facebook who didn’t really know me but wanted to know more, I tackled the challenge of condensing who I am into a few paragraphs. It’s not easy to weed through 50 years of life’s experiences, and challenges, and victories and life changing moments to find the right words to express who you are. I know. I’ve had to re-write my bio numerous times over the years. But most of those were more about my professional accomplishments, and not about who I am as a person… and why. The timing must have been right, because that particular day the story was clear and the words came easily. Those who know me well will agree, this is me in a nutshell…

First and foremost, I’m single Mom to a beautiful, spirited, kindhearted, talented, vivacious, amazing 18 year old daughter- Elissa Louise Probasco. She truly is MY dream come true, and first on my list when I count my blessings. Kudos to her Dad, Jeff, for helping me raise her right!

I’m daughter to wonderful parents. Amongst the many things I learned from them were diligence and doing my share. I learned how to keep my “nose to the grindstone”, and work hard for what I believe in. I learned empathy, equality, and fairness, and to stand up for what is right. I learned that none of us is perfect, and never will be. I learned that strength… comes from within.

I’m the only sister to four really, really great brothers. I would not trade a single moment of growing up with you guys! Some of the very best and most carefree days of my life were spent tromping around the woods, skiing down the mountains, hiking up the hills and beaches, and “tearin’ it up” behind the Natique with you! The memories are vivid. They are treasures I carry with me always.

I grew up in one of the most glorious places on earth, the Pacific Northwest. It was there that I developed an insatiable thirst and passion for the great outdoors, and all that is beautiful in this world. It was there also, that I found photography. One class in high school and I was addicted for life! Could it be so simple, that we were all born with a destiny? I am by nature, an artist AND a communicator. My photography is an artistic form of communication. How cool is that??? What a blessing to find my calling so early in life, and the will (tenacity, stubbornness) to “just do it!”

My career has been an amazing ride and has brought me so many blessings I couldn’t begin to list them. My portrait business has given me the opportunity to connect with a huge list of wonderful clients, most of whom I can easily call friends. I am proud and honored to know that my portraits will always be enjoyed and treasured in their homes. Speaking and teaching across the country, and a few other places around the world, has afforded me many amazing yet simple pleasures… seeing places I otherwise would not have seen, meeting and connecting with LOTS of new friends, and sharing something I still, after all these years, have passion for.

Chapter 2 (actually more like 3 or 4, but who’s counting!)

It’s true what they say; nothing is more constant than change. And I’m rolling with it!! Here’s the part a lot of you, even some of you who really do know me, don’t know… As Elissa nears graduation and prepares to spread her wings, I am preparing to do the same. I’m ready for the next adventure in my life. Actually, I’ve been taking steps in this direction for a few years now, but the time is drawing near. Here’s the catch… I’m not exactly sure what that adventure will be, or where it will take me. Yes, there are times when the controlled, vision/goal oriented girl in me feels a little unnerved stepping down the path without a precise destination, but the adventurous, gypsy-free spirit in me is longing for it and has already packed her bags. Those of you who know me, know there is no shortage of passion and drive. No shortage of ideas either, some of them already in the works. Stay tuned! It could be a thrilling ride! 🙂 One thing is for sure. My camera will not be left behind!


Me, my girl Elissa, and OUR girls Sadie and Jazzy.


We’re pretty good at laughing at ourselves around here.


Proud Mom to a daughter who is beautiful, inside and out.
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