Final leg of the adventure of preparing for my adventure!

Apologies to those of you who have been watching for posts. I keep talking about the adventure ahead, but really… the adventure began when I made the decision to go mobile in an RV and went into contract on my house almost simultaneously. That sent me into 6 week long frenzy of selling almost everything I own, sorting through the rest… what goes with me, what goes to storage. Fitting a life in 4300 sq. ft. into a 35′ Winnebago is not an easy thing to do, and much of what I thought might go with me is now going into storage or being donated. I’ve been wanting to simplify my life for so long though, and I can’t think of a more drastic way to do so. I was trying to describe to friend the other day… the overwhelming feeling of what I am going through, and the thought that came to mind is a “rebirthing” of sorts. Thing is I am both the mother and the unborn child fighting my way through a long hard labor. Thankfully I can visualize the amazing journey ahead, and that gives me the energy to keep at this until I’m ready to go. There’s so much more to think about too… full time mobile internet access, mail, banking, oh… and did I mention that I’m pulling everything off of 5 PCs and going cold-turkey to Mac!

OK, so as I was saying… apologies to those who are watching for the journey to begin. It’s only a matter of days I assure you. In the mean time I’ll try to share some of what I should have been posting… and would have been if I’d had the time. The blog will take on a new look too, once I get going and have time to customize it to fit my needs.

Thank you all for watching. I can’t wait to share my adventures with you!

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