What’s the story of your first time…backpacking?

I’m excited to get out for my very first overnight of the year! Sounds crazy given how late in the season it is but we had our second son in May and it’s taken me months to get back to level. But as I prepare to hit the trail with Trent, it occurred to me that this will be his first true backpacking trip and that means I have to step up and make sure that the story he tells for the rest of his life about his first experience is a good one.

I think I’ve got a good plan starting with breakfast on the trail under a 3000 year old bristlecone pine called Raintree. It’s the oldest living thing in the Spring Mountain Range and one of my favorite places. We’ll also bag a peak that neither of us have done before and there will be some mad displays of culinary ninja skills in camp for dinner. We’re both foodies and have a great time cooking together.

So with my thoughts on how I would put this all together, it struck me that there must be some great stories about first times out there. So what’s the story of your first time backpacking? Share it in the comments if you don’t mind telling your story.

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