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Tom Mangan, Trail Sherpa content editorI’m Tom Mangan, the guy from Two-Heel Drive who can’t shake off a curious urge to combine hiking and blogging. Tim Miner, the creator of Trail Sherpa, has a similarly inexplicable desire to combine hiking and social media.

Tim’s idea: create a panel of hiking-blog impresarios to spice up the Facebook-for-dirt-walkers scheme he has cooked up here (when you get to know Tim more, you’ll get the food references). He asked me if I’d like to contribute, but more importantly, he got me on the phone. Here’s something else you need to know about our lead sherpa: he likes to talk. And I come from a family of blabbermouths on both sides.

So we got to gabbing and before we knew it, we’d talked ourselves into me being the cowboy who corrals all the contributions from Team Trail Sherpa. Tim will be the lead recruiter but I might start hitting up some of my pals as well. Tim mentioned the team in a post the other day; scroll down for details on how to join up.

Tim’s looking to seriously ramp up membership and features here in the months ahead. Team Trail Sherpa will be writing up our hikes, posting gear reviews and generally building a community for hikers, campers and adventurous types.

Also,  I’d be remiss if I didn’t  mention Jessica Zeigler, who’s making all the social-web features play nice on the site. She’s had to pull off some minor miracles making it all work on a WordPress platform.

We’re only on the first page of the first chapter with this project, which will be only as good as the stories our members (and, more importantly, friends) contribute. Feel free to email your tips to me.

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Tom, Trail Sherpa's content editor, created Two-Heel Drive, a Hiking Blog, in time for fall colors of 2005. He hiked every trail worth hiking in the San Francisco Bay Area before moving to the middle of North Carolina in the summer of 2009. He'd rather be roaming the Blue Ridge.