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Change is coming!

Change is coming! Team Trail Sherpa, Website Design, and a community for hikers and backpackers

The coming weeks are going to represent a defining shift in the history of Trail Sherpa. What was launched as a hiking blog is about to become so much more.

My team and I started Trail Sherpa nearly two years ago as a hiking blog where I would document my outdoor adventures. But the concept went much deeper and the desire I had to build Trail Sherpa into something significant was part of a bigger plan. I created Vestor Logic, the social media strategy and web design firm that we all call our day jobs, to help other companies and individuals tell their stories online. Aside from consulting other companies, I wanted Vestor Logic be an incubator for a handful of brands that I planned to develop around my passions for the outdoors, food, and family life. This was spelled out in great detail in the original business plan for Vestor Logic and it is coming true now through Trail Sherpa. I couldn’t be more excited!

A few months ago we began to focus our attention on Trail Sherpa and started the arduous process of building out the website, developing the relationships to make our business successful, and trying to manage that against our regular client workload. It’s been stressful but we are very excited to introduce some exciting new things on Trail Sherpa in the coming weeks.

Here’s what I can share at this point:

The Trail Sherpa Community

We soft launched the Trail Sherpa Community awhile ago.  I’ve never been patient so we just went live and started working on the bugs.  We have it all worked out and we’re excited to add some new friends in the community.  We have no plans to be the Facebook killer but we did want to give our friends, old and new, a place to talk about hiking, backpacking, and other outdoor adventures.  We will be rolling out some fantastic new features in the coming weeks that will make it easier for you to share your photos, videos, and trail reports with people who really like that sort of thing.

Create your profile – it’s free and only takes a few minutes to start making friends.

Trail Sherpa Design

Everyone leans to their strong side and we’re no different.  We’ve been building websites and online communities for years and we’re really good at it.  But our client list at Vestor Logic covers numerous industries and includes companies of all sizes.

I wanted to offer a dedicated design process to the outdoor industry and help individuals and companies tell their stories online.  So to start, our team has been working hard on the development of a collection of WordPress themes that have been built specifically for the outdoor industry.  We are workingon a few WordPress themes for the casual weekend hiker that wants to share their stories with a few photos or a video.  We will also be introducing a line of WordPress themes for hikers and backpackers that want to draw the focus to their trail reports.  And of course, like we’ve been doing for years we will continue to build hosted social networks and online communities with a new series of WordPress themes geared to e-commerce and outdoor retailers.

We’re finding it hard to be patient as we put the finishing touches on all this stuff!  But we’re anxious to help hikers, backpackers, and outdoor retailers tell their stories online and build communities around the products, services, and causes that matter most to them.

Team Trail Sherpa

Perhaps our biggest development is the formation of Team Trail Sherpa, a collective of the most adventurous outdoor bloggers that will be sharing new original content on Trail Sherpa regularly.  We’re really excited to bring you more content covering the hot topics in the outdoor space as well as detailed trail reports, gear reviews, and recipes from this fantastic team of hikers and backpackers.  We will be rolling out three dedicated pages for the Trail Reports (live now with our current reports), Gear Reviews, and Recipes which you will see on the main menu when it goes live.

We will be growing Team Trail Sherpa over the next few months.  If you’re interested in being considered, just hit me up on Twitter (@trailsherpa) or join the Trail Sherpa Community and find me there.  We’d love to meet you!

We want Trail Sherpa to be a invaluable resource for hikers, backpackers, and outdoor adventurers powered by the people who are on the trail every day.  We see it as a place for everyone to share ideas and have conversations about their experiences.

We will be introducing all of these new things over a pretty short timeframe.  If you would like to follow along you can join the Trail Sherpa Community, like us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter (@trailsherpa).  We will certainly be sharing the news on all of those channels.

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