Looking back – a year in pictures 2010

I know it’s a bit early to start with all the “Top 10…” lists and even the “Year in Review” type posts, but here is my first for 2010 anyway.

I have been migrating most of my digital media from my laptop to an external drive to free up some space. Of course, that means that many of these hiking albums that I’ve created this year, and in years past, will no longer be at my fingertips to provide an escape when things get boring during my day job! So as I moved each folder, I took a peek and found some great pictures. Now they’re not all great shots from a photographic sense, but they are from an experience point of view. These photos brought back memories of conversations on the trail and even a few muscle pains (muscle memory is a bitch!) triggered by the thoughts back to how hard it was to get there.

I wanted to share a few of these memories while the pictures were at my finger tips. I hope you enjoy them.

Chris at Cockscomb Ridge Overlook – Mt Charleston Wilderness

Trail Sherpa looking towards Charleston Peak

No room for error on the appraoch to Charleston Peak

Team Trail Sherpa bags Charleston Peak – Highest in southern NV at 11,918 feet

Sign at the summit – Charleston Peak

The town of Supai is the only one is the country where the mail is still moved by mule

New unnamed falls above washed out Navajo Falls – Havasupai Indian Nation, AZ

Havasu Falls – Havasupai Indian Nation, AZ

Trail Sherpa prepares to shoot video at Mooney Falls – Havasupai Indian Nation, AZ

Team Trail Sherpa in the pools below Mooney Falls – Havasupai Indian Nation, AZ

Trail Sherpa in the mist of Mooney Falls – Havasupai Indian Nation, AZ

Brian approaching the natural arch below final ascent on Bridge Mountain

Trail Sherpa looking 1200 feet down on Pine Creek Canyon

Climbing the 70 foot crack on Bridge Mountain – Red Rock Canyon

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