Mammoth Creek Fly Fishing

This was a last minute trip that Trent and I put together. Throw everything in the back of the King Ranch and head for Utah! We’d fished the Mammoth Creek many times before when my wife and I had a cabin in the area. This was our first overnight so we stopped at the Duck Creek Campground to grab a spot. We got lucky with a spot in the back of the campground.

This section of the Mammoth Creek is full of cut banks and is fished very little because of the cattle that normally covers the open grazing area. Most trips, we fish among the cows! Just below this section, it drops in elevation and the water gets much faster and is mostly pocket water with heavy cover making clean casts difficult.

This was a great trip and we ripped some lips. Nothing massive but some really good fighters. Mammoth Creek is a great stretch of water to work for a day or two.

Trip Photos

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