Grand Teton National Park

We hit the road in early May 2008 for our last road trip before our son arrived. My wife and I had become accustomed to traveling on a whim and this trip was our last one as a couple…without any kids!

Cathy grew up in Wyoming and all of her siblings and her parents still live there. So we decided to combine a trip to Jackson Hole with her baby shower in Wyoming with her family. We spent 3 days in Jackson with the plan of driving to her hometown on the fourth day.

The weather in Jackson was great considering the time of year and the took hundreds of pics from the loop which we drove every day. You can only take so many pictures of elk or buffalo! The weather seemed to change quickly which made for better snapshots.

We ate at several great restaurants, but I was bummed to learn that my friend Hunter, who I have known since high school, owned a restaurant in town that we didn’t get to visit. His place will be the first stop on the next trip and I hope to get a few hours to drop a some flies on the river with him too.

Of all the places I have been, the Grand Tetons and Jackson are certainly near the top of the list. If you enjoy wide open spaces, a slower pace, and don’t mind a chill in the air, then visit the Grand Teton National Park in spring. It is well worth the driving.

Grand Teton National Park Photos

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