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A large collection of Fran’s images are available for purchase as art for your home or office. See the growing collection at her online Art Gallery. If you don’t find what you’re looking for feel free to contact Fran directly. The collection grows much faster than it can be posted.

Fran’s Art Gallery



2014 Journey in Focus Calendar

Back by popular demand! Fran has created another beautiful wall calendar made up of some of her favorite images from across the country. The 2014 Wall Calendar is a collection of images from her second year of solo travel throughout the US… and Canada as well!

This is a must have for all who have traveled along with her virtually, and a great gift idea as well!

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First run calendar orders will receive a discount of 10% while supplies last, which is reflected in the first ordering set below. Calendars will ship immediately to the address indicated with your order. There are quantity discounts on the button below. (For a larger quantity or different payment option, please contact Fran directly through the contact button on the home page.)

While Supplies Last!!

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1-4 Calendars (ea) $17.00 USD5 Calendars $77.00 USD10 Calendars $144.00 USD20 Calendars $256.00 USD


Pricing after December 31, 2014

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1-4 Calendars $21.00 USD5 Calendars $96.00 USD10 Calendars $180.00 USD20 Calendars $320.00 USD


The Dogs of Central Park

Meet the four-legged friends who frolic, walk, and romp in New York City’s biggest playground. Fran captures these playful creatures throughout the seasons in their furry splendor as they delight in the natural wonders of New York’s biggest green lawn. There’s snow-loving Lenny, an elderly Golden Retriever who was born in Austria and has traveled the world with his owners, an opera singer and his wife. Charley is a Standard Poodle and a certified “Delta Dog,” doing volunteer therapy at Mt. Sinai Hospital. And there’s Daisy—a mixed breed with piercing blue eyes who hails from the Bronx and to whom Roberta Flack once stopped and sang “Daisy Daisy”—exudes cool as she relaxes on a bench. Calmly mugging for the camera, displaying panache and flair as they pose in front of Bethesda Fountain or Belvedere Castle, these urban sophisticates are all adorable prancers who make it clear that New York City is their turf. Whimsical, humorous, and genuinely endearing, The Dogs of Central Park is a unique love letter to dogs and to New York, and is a wonderful souvenir for tourists and dog lovers alike.

Part of the proceeds from each book purchased directly through Fran are donated to animal rescue organizations. Bulk orders may choose which rescue group they would like the donation to benefit.

1 Signed Copy
The Dogs of Central Park $19.95 USDOption 2 $19.95 USDOption 3 $19.95 USD


A Personal Renaissance-Limited Edition

Since the day she first picked up a camera Fran has had a passion for capturing the beauty of this world in her images. She has always been drawn to the light, captivated by how it touches… whether delicately or dramatically… everything around us, creating dimension, enhancing texture, and bringing color to life. Blessed with a vision, her art brings the world to us as evocative studies of light and shadow.

As a means of staying true to her art, Fran nurtures her passion with a periodic “journey of discovery” to a place she’s never been to before. In the fall of 2006 her journey took her to Italy, an amazingly beautiful place… as you’ll discover within the pages of this book. Each book in this limited edition is signed and numbered.
book cover 2 finalsmall

Choose quantity (s/h included)
1-4 Calendars $21.00 USD5 Calendars $96.00 USD10 Calendars $180.00 USD20 Calendars $320.00 USD

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