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Winter Plans Fizzle + Tasc Performance

Broken Arch Trail in winter,  Arches National Park, utah

Winter Plans Fizzle

Ever get excited about the upcoming season only to have it turn out completely opposite of how you imagined it? That’s exactly what has happened with all my plans for this winter. Because we didn’t have any out of town trips planned I was excited to do some winter hiking, sledding, and snowshoeing in and around Moab. Well…none of that has really happened. January was a bust for us since J-Man and I were sick almost all month with strep throat and unknown viruses that have been running rampant. Ugh. Hunkered inside for a month has created major cabin fever.

With warm temperatures the past few days it has enticed me to get outside even though my head is clogged and I feel like I am talking underwater. Yesterday I had enough energy and drive to go for a hike. Fresh air, a bit of exercise, and beautiful scenery sure does a body good.

J-Man and I hiked to Broken Arch in Arches National Park. This short easy hike is perfect for kids. There is very little elevation gain and no exposed ledges or cliffs. Once you get to the arch you can scramble up slickrock and climb through the arch to the other side.

You can also visit Sand Dune Arch since it shares the same trailhead with Broken Arch. Sand Dune Arch is roughly a 5 minute walk from the trailhead. Easy peasy lemon squeezy, as J-Man would say. This is a great arch to visit in the summer because it is mostly shaded.

Because winter has been a flop I haven’t had a chance to use and share some of the awesome gear I’ve been given the opportunity to try out, however, now that I am on the mend I will be testing and sharing gear that will be great for your spring and summer trips. Some of the gear are from brands I’ve never used before and I can’t wait to share them with you.

Here is one of the brands I’ve known about, however, I’ve never worn.

tasc logo


“Like the best moments in life, clothing should be intuitive, natural and make you feel better.”


I’ve had the opportunity to wear a couple pieces from Tasc Performance these last couple months and I have to say the items I’ve been wearing definitely live up to this quote. The Bywater High Low top and District pant are so comfortable I’ve practically been living in them. They have been perfect as I lounged around the entire month of January.

I was finally able to wear them on our hike yesterday and this outfit might be the most comfortable hiking outfit I’ve ever worn. It’s certainly great for lounging and running errands, and now it’s great for hiking. I’m pretty sure is going to be awesome for road tripping, too. I’ll know in a couple weeks when we hit the road for a little vacation.

Broken Arch in winter in Arches National Park, Utah.

Both, the Bywater High Low top and District Pant, are made with organic cotton and bamboo. Talk about soft! Tasc Performance calls this fabric combination their MOSOtech.

“The fabric that started the tasc Performance brand, MOSOtech is a unique blend of bamboo viscose and organic cotton making it silky-soft and fully loaded with natural performance benefits. It’s the perfect fabric for any activity. You’ll feel extreme comfort no matter the level of intensity.

• Moisture wicking • Anti-odor • Superior breathability • Incredible comfort • Naturally UPF 50+ Protection”


Let’s look at the Bywater High Low top more closely…

Tasc Performance

Why I’ve been living in it…

  • Super soft
  • Semi-fitted with sweatshirt feel and style
  • Thumbholes (I love thumbholes!)
  • Made with the MOSOtech, providing breath ability and anti-odor
  • Stylish yet comfortable

This is a top suitable for pretty much any outdoor adventure either with layering or on it’s own. It’s definitely going to be worn year round.


Here’s the District pant up close and personal…

tasc pant

This pant I was a bit skeptical about. I always have a hard time finding outdoor pants that fit me, and I figured that would be the case with these. I assumed the legs would be too tight, however, to my surprise these pants fit perfectly. They have a wide waistband with a drawstring, a drawstring cord around the ankles making the length adjustable (which is great for shorties like me), and a crepe-liner, which really provides that extra addition with these pants. The crepe-liner is made with the MOSOtech fabric, which is about knee length, and provides breath ability, wicking properties, and comfort. I don’t think I would like the pant if it didn’t have the crepe-liner. The pant would be too thin and not as comfortable. Great job adding the crepe-liner, Tasc Performance!

I love the ruching on the sides adding some style to the pant so they don’t just look like your typical active pant.

tasc pant

Th District pant like the Bywater High Low top will be perfect year round and great for hiking, backpacking, road trips, running errands and lounging (of course).




Do you have a favorite outfit that you can wear for almost anything? Have you hiked to Broken Arch before?







Thanks Tasc Performance for providing this outfit for review. As always, my comments and opinions are my own.

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