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Aventura Clothing Favorites for Winter


Better late than never is what I always say and even though fall has left us and winter has arrived there is still plenty of time to wear these adorable, practical and stylish outfits from Aventura Clothing. Put one, two or even three items on your holiday wish list or gents surprise your significant other with any of these. You can’t go wrong! 🙂



Aventura Clothing Favorites for Winter


Olivia Tunic, Ciera Jacket and Lily Leggings


Aventura Olivia Tunic and Ciera jacketAventura Olivia Tunic and Lily Leggings













(Yes, I’m a dork 😉 )

So cute, right?!? The tunic has some stretch making it very comfortable and it doesn’t stretch out and get baggy. The Ciera jacket is quite warm with knit sleeves which allows great movement and the Lily leggings are super cute with a great pattern. With knee high boots and a scarf this outfit can definitely be worn throughout the winter. I love the versatility of the Ciera jacket. I can dress it up with the tunic or wear it with running shoes and capris. Either way it looks great!


Tate Hoodie and Blake Skinny Jeans


Tate Hoodie and Blake Skinny Jeans


Here’s a year round outfit. The Tate hoodie is great for layering or wearing on warmer days during the winter and cooler days during the spring and summer. No doubt the Blake skinny jeans can be worn year round. Made from organic cotton and Lycra there is enough stretch for all sorts of activities, and yet, they don’t get baggie after wearing them half the day. I love these jeans!


Bergamo Infinity Scarf


Aventura Bergamo Infinity Scarf

I LOVE scarves and I especially love Aventura scarves. I wear them year round. It’s a great piece to wear when camping or hiking to add a little warmth. This Bergamo scarf is a nice knitted scarf which is thicker and perfect for winter.


Shonda Jacket, Hoffman Top, Tris Cargo Pants


This a perfect outfit for cruising around town, hitting up a nature trail or for road tripping. All three pieces are great for active moms who want to step away from their yoga pants and sweatshirts and still be active, stylish and comfortable.


Seymour Jacket


Add some fun and style to your wardrobe with the Seymour Jacket. This jacket has a cute chevron pattern and provides a lot of warmth, especially with the hood. I love this jacket!



If you would like coupon for 60% off your purchase of any of these items let me know. That’s a great deal for the holidays!!








A huge thank you to Aventura Clothing for providing me with these items as an ambassador. As always, my comments and opinions are my own.

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