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My Grippies – A Vasque Mantra 2.0 Review


“I have my grippies on. Let’s go!”

“Man, these grippies are grippy.” As I am trying to scale a sandstone hill.

“Where are my grippies?”

Are you asking yourself what the heck are grippies?

They are my Vasque hiking boots. Duh! How could you not know? haha

Why do I call them grippies?

2 reasons.

The first is, I’m a bit crazy and I name things.

The second reason is, the rubber sole on the bottom of the shoes are so grippy that I can hike, scramble, climb and traverse just about anything.

I have been wearing Vasque hiking boots for years. When one pair wears out I buy the exact same pair. Well, until that style is discontinued and then I find something comparable within the Vasque line to replace them with. All the Vasque shoes and boots have the grippy sole, so ‘grippies’ have been in my closet for a long time.

When I had the chance to try out a different pair of Vasque shoes I took the opportunity and I’m so glad I did.

I’ve been wearing the Vasque Mantra 2.0 for awhile now and they have been my go to shoes for hiking. The vibram sole on the Mantra 2.0 provides the same grippy-ness as my Vasque Scree boots, so I feel confident traversing sandstone ledges, fins and hills.


Even though the shoes are leather they also incorporate mesh in particular areas for breathability. They breath nice and good so that my feet don’t get hot and stinky. Stinky feet are the worst when you peel your socks off to give your piggies fresh air. Yuck!


The Mantra 2.0 are also lightweight for a leather hiking shoe. I don’t feel like I am wearing bricks on my feet. I have enough weight carrying J-Man on my back. I don’t need added weight, especially, on my feet.

I took the shoes trekking through the Tetons, all over the trails here in Moab and used them to take my 6 month old niece up the Moab Rim.


No blisters, not tingling toes, no stinky feet and no slipping and sliding on the trails. The Mantra 2.0 have done a great job.

I do have to say that when carrying the 45+lbs of J-Man and gear I prefer my Scree boots, which are mid-ankle, giving me more ankle support. When I am hiking without the little monkey on my back the Mantra 2.0 are perfect.


Photo courtesy of Bret Edge Photography

Photo courtesy of Bret Edge Photography


The Mantra 2.0 is also available in GTX for all-weather adventures and they have a Men’s Mantra.

Vasque has a full line of hiking boots for Moms, Dads and older tykes. J-Man will be able to wear their shoes this coming Spring and I’m anxious for him to try them out. They also have an array of shoes and boots depending on your needs. Check out their hiking, backpacking and multi-sport lines.





My Vasque Mantra 2.0 shoes were provided by Vasque in exchange for this review. All comments and opinions are strictly my own.


Affiliate links are provided in this review to continue to bring out the adventurers in all of us, especially, our tykes.








  1. A very nice review of the Vasque Mantra 2.0 hiking shoes. I think you sum them up rather nicely.

    I find the Vasque Mantra to be a great cross-over shoe that is suitable for casual weekend fun and then light hiking around off road. The way the lacing is designed, they’re particularly easy to put on and take off. And the comfort is just stellar. Because they’re a cross-over, they don’t give a lot of lateral support, so I think you’re right on the over 40lbs load limitation. Frankly with a moderate load, I’m going to go with at least a mid height hiking boot anyway.

    Have you heard of the Oboz brand? They have a model called “Arete” and they look fantastic, a bit more rugged and about $20-$30 more than the Mantra.

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