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Trail Reports

We're documenting our hikes with beta you can use. In the spirit of the trail, all of this is available to you for free. We want to share our experiences so that others can follow in our footsteps.

Trail Report: Summiting Bridge Mountain

Bridge Mountain

Route finding and Class 3 climbing skills are essential if you want to bag this peak. The hike is comprised of three distinct sections: the initial trail portion, the scrambling section across the sandstone, and the final ascent requiring the Class 3 climbing skills. At 6995 ft, Bridge Mountain is Red Rock's highest peak and perhaps one of its most challenging hikes in Las Vegas.

Trail Report: Ewing Trail to White Rocks at Cumberland Gap National Historic Park

Do you ever find yourself yearning for a challenge from your hike? Every once in a while we do. Most times, though, we just want to get out on the trail, take our time, get lost in taking pictures and basically soak in every minute we're out there. However, the day we did White Rocks, well, we wanted to take our time and lose ourselves in the experience (without actually getting lost). We also apparently wanted a challenge and didn't realize it.

A Week on the John Muir Trail

The John Muir Trail runs through 3 National Parks...Yosemite, Kings Canyon, and Sequoia. And when not within a National Park, it runs through the John Muir and Ansel Adams Wilderness areas, and Devil's Postpile National Monument. Here's an introduction to the 102-mile hike on the JMT I did with my son in the summer of 2011.

Trail Report: Watershed Trails in Greensboro, North Carolina

Osprey Trail and Lake Townsend on the Greensboro Watershed

The first cool breezes of autumn blew southward into the middle of North Carolina this weekend. After a typically long and muggy summer, I was eager to hit the trail under optimum hiking conditions. I hiked two of the nicer trails in the Greensboro Watershed -- a string of lakes that supplies the city's drinking water -- and caught my first glimpse of fall color.

Trail Report: Pine Creek Canyon


Pine Creek Canyon in the Red Rock NCA just west of Las Vegas is one of my favorite hikes.  There is usually water in the canyon if you go deep enough and even at the peak of the summer heat the canyon remains shaded and cool for the most part.  There are numerous documented climbing […]

Trail Report: Charleston Peak hike

This is without a doubt the hardest hike I have ever done. Now that doesn't say much. I prefer day hikes to backpacking and this trip is often an overnight adventure. That said, strong legs, a stronger determination, lots of water, an extra pair of socks, travel size baby powder, trekking poles, and a water filter are essential for this epic hike. Check the Notes tab for more details on this list and why every one of those items are essential. You'll thank me after!

Trail Report: First Creek Canyon

First Creek Canyon is a very accessible canyon in the Red Rock area. The trailhead sits outside the scenic loop so the normal access fee for Red Rock doesn’t apply. The trailhead is just north of Spring Mountain Ranch and south of the exit of the Red Rock Loop. The parking area is large enough for about 8-10 vehicles.

Trail Report: Havasu Falls Backpacking Trip

Trail Description The parking lot at the trailhead is stunning to say the least. It is perched more than 1000 feet above the valley floor and provides one of the best vistas of the trip. The trail starts with a steep descent down the face of the box canyon to the valley floor by way […]

Trail Report: Havasu Falls Backpacking Trip

Absolutely, the best hiking experience I have ever had! Waterfalls, steep canyons, caves, mules, did I say waterfalls! The Havasupai Indian Reservation is not part of the Grand Canyon National Park, but you cannot tell that from the scenery. From your very first step at the trailhead parking lot until your return at the end of your trip, you will be swiveling your head side to side to take it all in. The water is a turquoise blue/green and the perfect way to refresh the tired legs and back after the 12 mile trek down to the campground. If you are as lucky as we were, you’ll get a break from the summer heat. The temps were about 20 degrees below normal the weekend we made this trip.

Trail Report: Cockscomb Ridge

From Las Vegas, take US 95 North to State Route 157 and go left up the mountain. As you approach the hairpin turn below the Upper Lodge at Mt Charleston stay right and continue on Echo Drive. The road bends to the right as you near the trailhead. It is about .5 miles on Echo Drive to the Trail Canyon trailhead.