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Our hearts are attached to the Southern Appalachia region. In our minds, East Tennessee is the only place to be, surrounded by the glorious wonders of the ages old mountains. During the week we lead frantic lives raising a family and working for the man. On most weekends, we are following our hearts and dreams, playing in the outdoors enjoying the mountains and the woods from two feet and capturing them on memory card to share with others from our blog Appalachia & Beyond. We try to share this love of the outdoors (hiking and camping) with our teenage daughter and our constant four-legged companion Clover always loves the adventures. In addition we have four cats, who are constantly trying to plan our untimely demise, and one cute as a bag of buttons hamster, Ms. Coo. Finally, we are in the works of expanding our family by one. This expansion project should be complete sometime in early December. Her name is Dinah, and we can't wait to meet her.