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Gear Review: Geigerrig Hydration System

  • Rating:
  • Reviewed by: Tim Miner
  • Price (MSRP): $49.00
  • Category:
  • Best Use: Multi-use
  • Where to Buy:
  • Testing Location: Red Rock National Conservation Area / Mt Charleston Wilderness
  • Time/Distance Tested: 30 miles over 2 months
  • Testing Environment: Normal desert conditions

I have been a dedicated CamelBak fan for years. But with the introduction of the Geigerrig Hydration System, the days of cleaning the bladder after every use are over! This Geigerrig review of the 100 oz Geigerrig Hydration System will tell you why.

Some of the highlights of the system

  • Slide top for easy accessIt sprays – I’ve already utilized this pressurized bladder to spray off a trail scrape for my 3 year old, provide a thirsty dog with a drink, and douse a fire.  Another benefit is that it reduces contact between your mouth and the hose, eliminates a lot of the backwash and bacteria, and doesn’t require a cleaning after every use.
  • Slide top with very wide opening – I’m a very big guy with massive hands.  The Geigerring hydration bladder makes it very easy to clean and drop in ice when prepping the bladder for a hike.  Plus, it’s easy to open and close unlike the CamelBak system I have been using.
  • Turns on and off with a twist – the end of the hose is equipped with a twisting on/off value which works flawlessly.  Even with a pressurized bladder and changes in elevation the value held up and there were no signs of leakage.  This design is much more desirable for me than the Camelbak which leaked on more than one occasion when the tip of the drinking line was pinched.
  • Pressure bulb – the system is built with a two camber design, one for the water and another that encases it that fills with air as you squeeze the pressure bulb.  Much easier than removing your pack to squeeze it or leaning against a tree to put pressure on the bladder.  Again a great enhancement to other systems.
  • Quick release valves – Both the pressure hose and the drinking hose are attached to the bladder with quick release valves.  Enough said.
  • The materials – Made from a #15 Denier Polyurethane and backed with a nylon backing, this bladder feels almost indestructible.  It’s tough enough to be cleaned in your dishwasher.

My favorite elements

  1. Large top openingMy favorite thing about this Geigerrig Hydration System is how easy it is to clean.  I just turn it inside out, hand wash it, and wipe it dry with a towel.  Occasionally, it will go in the dishwasher to be sanitized.
  2. Running a close second is the ease in filling it.  The top opens so wide that I can easily pack it with ice and add the water.  No more dropping ice cubes on the floor at 4:30 am trying to get ice into the CamelBak.
  3. My final thought is on the quick release valves.  They are very easy to detach making the process of filling, emptying, and cleaning the bladder a breeze.

Useful Tip

If you use the spray method rather than sucking on the valve you reduce bacteria and maybe even the need to clean it after each use.  Store the bladder in the refrigerator or even freezer to further prohibit development of mold and other bacteria.

The Bottom Line

This is a fantastic hydration system and a giant step forward from the CamelBak systems I have been using for years.  Geigerring has elevated the functional design for bladders for the entire segment of the industry.  The Geigerrig Hydration System makes hydration and rehydration on the trail much more simple.  Now if we could just modify this two chamber system to mix Jack Daniels and Coke effectively we might have a great product for camp too!

I'm the founder of Vestor Logic, the digital strategy and web design firm that created Trail Sherpa, ParksFolio, and Modern Steader. I'm a day hiker, top chef in camp, doting husband, and father to two headlamp wearing boys. My work in digital media brings those experiences to life.

  • ” Now if we could just modify this two chamber system to mix Jack Daniels and Coke effectively we might have a great product for camp too!” – from your mouth, to the manufacturer’s ears….

  • Frankly I was wondering what all the hype has been recently about this system. Thanks for the thorough explanation!

    • Glad you found value in it.  It’s really a drastic improvement over what most of us have been using.  The product has been racking up the awards as of late too.

      • Tim, a question: would this sort of thing be compatible with a filter? With sawyer’s line of squeeze filters it could make filtering a blast… literally. Of course if it gums up the pump, that wouldn’t be good.

        • They do have an inline filter which we included in the giveaway.  Not sure if it would work with other brands though.  I suppose it would if you could tap the quick connect valves.

    • I had a similar thought when I first saw the headline. “Oh great, yet another hydration system.” But the review is great. They’re really incorporated some great design features. I’m curious though, how does it compare weight-wise against the same capacity Camelbak? 

      • That’s a great question.  Being lazy, I tried to Google it from my comfy chair int eh backyard but couldn’t find it on the Geigerrig site.  I will have to weight them manually since I own both int eh 100oz size.  I will get back with that answer.

  • Mshillings

    I look forward to trying this product whether I win or not. Your review was very informative and helpful I look foward to reading more reviews in the future.

    • Thanks for the vote of confidence.  Lots of sites offer reviews but we think we can still add to the conversation around gear.

  • Tim

    I can totally see myself using this as an emergency bag or for long distance running. I’m sure I can find many uses off the trail. 😀

    • This thing is built like a tank.  Much better construction than on other bags I’ve owned.

  • Anonymous

    I’m leaving my comment for the entry! This looks like a great system. My wife currently has a Camelbak and loves it. I would love to get my hands on this one to make a comparison review! Thanks for the opportunity!


    • I clearly found myself doing the same thing.  I like CamelBak a lot.  The Geigerrig is just easier to fill and clean.  I’ll still use the CB too.

  • emma_bovary

    I love things that are simple to clean as keeping gear clean goes a long way to making it last.  It’s awesome that the Geigerrig RIG 1600 Day Pack would be so easy to upkeep!

    • It is.  The first time you try to turn the bladder inside out is a nervous moment.  It’s thin but very durable.  Now I just rough house it to turn it because I know it will hold.


    Very cool. Nice of you to point out the highlights. Strong selling points for sure…


    • The product has a lot of great points Ben.  I’m sure they’ll still find ways to improve it though.

  • Grant Newton

    Nice review!

  • It was brought to my attention that I had the MSRP for the entire pack and system.  I updated the price to just the bladder system.  It is $49 not $140.

  • Humesd

    With the pressurized water outlet you could easily do a back country wet t-shirt contest.

    • That would certainly have made some of my trips a bit more interesting!

  • Cjsorel

    great review and looks good simple

  • I had a nice surprise this weekend.  I received an email on Saturday from Bob Geiger, of Geigerrig, thanking me for the review.  He also shared some additional information on the durability of their packs.  Check out the videos.  Very cool field tests that prove this bladder can stand up to very harsh conditions.

    From Bob Geiger’s email:

    Here are a couple of thoughts that may be of benefit for you as I read through some
    of the blog comments on your site:

    1)       Geigerrig adaptation
    and use with Sawyer filters or other filters –


    (scroll down, you’ll find some comments and images of a GEIGERRIG with a Sawyer
    set up.

    2)       Durability

    a.       Contained Bomb Test:

    b.       100 MPH road impact

    c.       Bladder Durability

    3)       In-Line Filter Specs


    4)       Warranty and Customer

    a.       Lifetime warranty for
    leakage – GEIGERRIG backs this up with quick service if you have any problems.

    b.       2 year warranty on
    the pack for manufacturer defects in workmanship

    c.       LINK:

    this information is helpful.

    • Wow, Bob’s thorough response is truly impressive. Especially as he links to 3rd party info. Thanks Bob!

      • True!  And he’s a nice guy to chat with.  Very knowledgeable and and passionate about hydration systems.  Look for some really cool things from Geigerrig in the near future.

  • I am a Camelbak fan as well and won’t switch unless I win something, :), or my Camelbak breaks. This looks pretty cool, though, and I would consider making the switch after reading your review. Easy is good.

    • I agree Traci.  Thing for me was that after using the Geigerrig I had to switch.  Cleaning is so easy and I can actually get my big bear paws inside it!  Not the case with any other bladder I’ve used.  I hope you win so you can see for yourself.

  • Hiking Andorra

    I have been using Camelbak’s for about 15 years and recently bought a new pack which came with Source Hydration System….love it and still use both, but would love to try the Geirerrig System as well

    • Well good luck in our giveaway then!  Thanks for getting in on the action.

  • Cohenfive

    i saw these at my local costco yesterday…being a long time camelbak fan i was intrigued and almost pulled the trigger. they had the big pack at a really good price. a couple of things kept me from buying one, at least right now…first, the pump for the bladder is huge and i could see it being a bother on the trail with my camera/gopro also vying for space on my chest. second, one of the cool things that is possible with this system is to have filtered water while on the trails. i believe this uses standard brand filters although they sell a geigerrig branded one (at extra cost). the only issue i have heard is that in some parts of the country filtered water still can let some bad germs through, so many people are just using iodine tabs and by passing the entire filtering thing. not really a commentary on these bags which look really well thought out and well built….maybe i should go back to costco and snag one!

    • I would grab it if you liked the price.  I too have a camera and video that take space so I see your concern.  I can say that the pump is not an issue for me to carry all three.  Works really well for actually.

  • BVail

    Have have the 1200 size pack and bladder.  It’s easy to clean the bladder, but what about the hose?  How does one go about evacuating water from the hose and cleaning it, once the hose is disconnected?  Of course the air hose is a non-issue.


    Bob – Denver CO

  • L.A. Lady

    Are you still happy with this system? I’m thinking about getting it along with the inline filter and am hoping it will work with my existing hiking backpack…

    • Sorry I missed this comment. Yes, I still use the Geigerrig system exclusively and it works with each of the 7-8 packs that I have. I think you’ll be very happy with it.