It’s National Park Week!

It’s National Park Week! | Amelia They’re saying around here that “April is the new June” (as far as tourist influx). Which, no offense at all to any tourists, but is rather overwhelming. I am hoping it is just because it is … [Read more...]

Explore the Outdoors + Giveaway

Explore the Outdoors + Giveaway | Amelia We are gearing up for spring around here. That and trying to find a balance in this new reality of being a family of 6. Life has gotten a bit more busy, but the adventures and exploring don’t stop. Baby … [Read more...]

Summer Reading for Outdoor Kids + Giveaways

Summer Reading for Outdoor Kids + Giveaways | Amelia Summer is a time for dreaming and playing and exploring and getting lost in stories. I have many great memories of long summer afternoons spent caught up in the pages of a book. I am hoping the … [Read more...]