Encouraging an Outdoor Life Through Play

It’s true that there is no substitute for actual time spent outside, but realistically it’s not possible to be out constantly. And truly I don’t think that is healthy either. There’s always a balance and it’s a fine art … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Guide to Get You Outside – 2016 + Giveaways

Here we go! Our annual gift guide for 2016. These are the items we have (or have had) on our wish lists….and thought you may want to get some ideas too! **Be sure to scroll the way to the bottom for two special giveaways!** As I do every year, … [Read more...]

Gift Guide for Outdoor Families 2015 + Giveaways

Gift Guide for Outdoor Families 2015 + Giveaways | Amelia I refuse to buy into the stress of the holiday season. I get my shopping done early, I plan ahead and then it all usually ends up in spirited chaos anyway. Oh well. That’s life and … [Read more...]