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The BBB Challenge Morale Patch

There’s been a lot of online chatter lately about how to earn one of my BBB morale patches and “The Challenge”. You may have heard it mentioned on the latest episode of the Red Teams Podcast, but there’s not much I can say … [Read more...]

Let the Kids Play! + Giveaway

**This post is sponsored by Gymboree and their “One Big Happy Play Day” campaign. Be sure to read all the way to the bottom for a giveaway of what my kids keep saying are “the BEST clothes we have EVER worn” (they tend to be … [Read more...]

Beyond Jack-O-Lanterns & Pumpkin Pie

Beyond Jack-O-Lanterns & Pumpkin Pie | Amelia Unless you’ve done a fantastic job of averting your eyes towards anything orange over the past few weeks, you’ve probably felt a little bit like we’ve been taken over by pumpkins. They’re decorating … [Read more...]

Hangboards + Climbing

First rule: never walk by a hangboard (or pull-up bar, or rings, or any sturdy door frame) without doing a pull-up. No but really, unless you’re resting, just do it. Mastering the pull-up is essential to leveling up your climbing game. But seriously, … [Read more...]

Go from #CouchtoCrush to Save The South!

It’s the second day of spring, and I am feelin’ fresh. Yesterday involved a little core training and a trail running session with Heather from A Colorado Gal, and today I’ve already gotten in some climbing and foam rolling. I’ve been extra motivated … [Read more...]

Ricebuckets + Foamrolling

Part of training is falling in love with the way you feel when your body is active. You should also really enjoy the activities you engage it during your workouts (and recovery). We all play favorites, and for me, the best part of my daily routine is … [Read more...]

Getting Started

Training is what you make it, and sometimes it’s intimidating to figure out where to get started. Yeah, of course we all want to be lifting our bodyweight from the first time we lift that barbell – but that’s just not going to … [Read more...]

The #CouchtoCrush Challenge

The idea of going from couch potato status to crush-mode began back in September when I got a ludicrous idea to sign myself up for a hefty birthday challenge after a six-month break from climbing. I trained and tried my hardest – but after my … [Read more...]

Pursuing Strength to Enhance an Active Outdoor Lifestyle

Pursuing Strength to Enhance an Active Outdoor Lifestyle | Amelia This is a post I never really thought I would write. It’s funny how life sometimes throws you opportunities and challenges and ways to grow. It happens all the time. I try to … [Read more...]

Rediscovering Trail Running

The hard part about getting back into running after a long time away is the shortness of the runs.  It usually takes me a mile or so to get into sync and find my rhythm.  Another mile of decent running and I’m starting to feel fatigued and … [Read more...]