6 Tricks for Encouraging Kids Down the Trail

I know that we are entering into the cooler (or colder?) months, but that doesn’t mean that trail time is over. In fact, when the heat finally lets up is some of my favorite times to get out. No bugs, no heat, no more horribly stinky feet! Ok, … [Read more...]

Beyond Jack-O-Lanterns & Pumpkin Pie

Beyond Jack-O-Lanterns & Pumpkin Pie | Amelia Unless you’ve done a fantastic job of averting your eyes towards anything orange over the past few weeks, you’ve probably felt a little bit like we’ve been taken over by pumpkins. They’re decorating … [Read more...]

Unplugging and Breathing….

Unplugging and Breathing…. | Amelia This weekend we followed Mtn Papa to the mountains while he hunted. We love going along when we can because it gives us more time camping, more time as a family and the fall is just so gorgeous. While I … [Read more...]