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The Thrill of Discovery

Lately, my blog posts have been few and far between. As many of you know, I have been a little busy with a hamburger restaurant in Escondido. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been taking some time out and enjoying the outdoors. Just not as … [Read more...]

The outdoors, escapism, and selling hamburgers

Good morning, Cleveland National Forest As I pass the one month mark since Burger Bench has opened, my urge to have an outdoor adventure has increased incredibly. The restaurant has been very successful, beyond what we could have hoped for. Our … [Read more...]

New 100 Peaks T-shirts available

I Like 2 Hike t-shirt Hello happy readers, I’ve designed another t-shirt over at that’s now for sale. Show off your propensity for strapping on some boots and carrying several pounds of water over great distances by proudly … [Read more...]

100 peaks in 100 hours – Two of San Diego’s best endurance athletes attempt the impossible

100 peaks in 100 hours, is it possible? “Can you clarify what you mean by non-stop?” We sat in a coffee shop, respective laptops open before us. I felt old and slow, sitting next to Nick Hollon’s lanky frame, which bristled with … [Read more...]

100 Peaks makes the Union Tribune

Me, strolling on a bridge – Photo by Rick Nocon For those that already haven’t seen it in my other social media streams, I was featured in a nice article in the San Diego Union Tribune. It was a fun interview with Doug Williams, and had a … [Read more...]

Peak a Peak and Go – 100 Peaks Youth T-Shirt now available on Adayak

Twins in the canyon 100 Peaks Youth T-Shirts are now available at They’ve been available for a while, but I forgot to post it here. What a savvy businessman I am! All versions of the t-shirt can be found there, too. Many of my … [Read more...]

The 100 Peaks Blog Turns 6 – A Wildlife Photo Collection

Moose in Big Springs, Idaho It was 6 years ago on June 24th that I posted my first hike, to Iron Mountain. Since then, I’ve been a lot of interesting places and have seen a lot of interesting things. I normally do a photograph collection on … [Read more...]

Have I lost my mountain mojo?

Photo Credit Vern Dewit – About 9 months ago, I read the following paragraph in a blog about summiting spectacular peaks in the Canadian Rockies. I had been reading this blog for several years and his posts about the peaks … [Read more...]

Listen to my interview on the S’more Outdoor Podcast

  A few weeks back, I was interviewed on a wonderful podcast called the S’more Outdoor Podcast. The podcast is devoted to understanding how the outdoors can impact us positively. I had a great time on the show and I hope my enthusiasm … [Read more...]

Sorry, folks, about the retro posts

I’ve been porting some old posts from may manual blogging days into this blog. I disconnected all social sharing and unchecked some boxes regarding notifying you guys. For those that received so many updates, I am sorry! I thought I was being … [Read more...]