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Winter Outdoor Giveaway: Week 1

Let’s get this winter outdoor giveaway started!

Win lots of great winter gear

Entering is easy, just click on the entry options below to secure your chances.  The more you enter the better chance you’ll have to win this fantastic gear:

And don’t forget to show your support for our fellow outdoor bloggers who have put in considerable time and effort to pull this outdoor giveaway together.

What are you waiting for?  Enter the Winter Outdoor Giveaway now!

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  • My first big adventure would be to head on UPnorth to visit our
    son in college @ Michigan Tech, Houghton Michigan (The Upper Peninsula!:) He could
    really use all of the items above while going to school and (playing;) upnorth, but most importantly the Patagonia Men’s Scree Shield Boots and the Injinji Socks would be the most useful as it
    is getting quite cold UPnorth! Our entire family is a
    very outdoorsy family I know we would put all of these items to good use!
    Nothing better than playing outdoors with the best in quality outdoors gear! 🙂
    Thank you for the chance! @ciesla504 <3

    • That’s a great plan Kimberly! Good luck in the giveaway. The Patagonia boots are personal favorites. I think your son would really like those too.

  • Erika

    OOOOHH! What a great giveaway! I so need a new bag!

    • Well good luck then! This week is packed with great gear. Where are you headed next Erika? Maybe some of this will travel with you on your next adventure.

  • My first adventure with it will probably be camping down in Moab with the kiddos. I’m already a fan of most of this stuff so I’d love to be able to share some awesome stuff with other people 🙂

    • By other people, I assume you are referring to me Haley? It’s a great time to win awesome winter gear. Good luck.

  • Lindsay

    So jazzed!

  • mclanek

    I hope my next adventure will be a return family camping adventure in Yosemite.

    • How cool is that! I still haven’t made it to Yosemite but I think it’s on the plan for next Spring. Good luck in the giveaway.

  • Tim

    I’ll likely head out for a day hike to try out the boots and injinji socks, with our rugrat in tote in our Osprey Poco Plus Kid Carrier. Here’s hoping I win. Robin could use a new sleeping bag too. 😛

    • Good luck Tim! I know you’d like the boots. The sleeping bag is a big score too.

      • Tim

        It is a sweet package all in all. The next two weeks look promising as well. Hope all is well out that way. Looks like you’ve been busy in the outdoors here of late.

        • Things are great. Our littlest one is now 18 months so things are much easier than they were in the little infant stage. I’ve been fortunate to get out on the trail more. Actually looking forward to my first strong winter season on the trail.

          • Tim

            That’s awesome, yeah our little one will be the big 01 this month. We’ve been on the occasional short trail here and there but nothing major and nothing in about a month. Things have been crazy hectic around here. Couple that with Robin having major back issues (3 bulging discs) and we’ve really not been able to get out as much as we’d like. We did get an Osprey Poco Plus to carry Boo in when we do get out on the trail. She loves that thing. I’ll put her in it here at the house and she’ll throw a fit when I take her out of it. It’s quite funny. Yeah I’d like to get out on the trail more this winter. Right now the only trail time I’m seeing is when I go on trail runs on the weekends. I’ve at least still got that going for me. 😛

          • No pun intended, but you’ll have to take baby steps for a while. It was a good time for me actually. Started to see the trail differently. Little ones notice all the details.

          • Tim

            Oh yeah, definitely baby steps. LOL. It’s fun to watch them learn and discover all at the same time. Definitely one of the most amazing things about being a parent.

  • Y’all know what my adventure is, Simply Adventure! I’m entering so I can hopefully hook Niko up with some sweet winter gear. He literally has NO proper winter apparel, and very little winter gear at all, so I’d love to get him some nice boots and take him shopping for a jacket with Sierra TP!

    • Well this prize pack would be a great start for him. There’s a little bit of everything in it.

  • Oh man, it would be nice to finally have some winter boots instead of Vans for the year long Simply Adventure trip, and Teton Sports’ gear is ALWAYS awesome. Good luck everyone.

    • Good luck Niko! You certainly deserve to win one of these weeks given your ambitious plans for 2013. The boots are favorites for me. Good rugged approach shoe options too.

  • Mike

    To win all of it would be excellent but, i am specifically looking forward to the boots and socks!. I am entering the Bataan Death March Memorial in March. These would certainly help keep my feet feeling good on the 26.2 mile march! Good luck to everyone who has entered! Regardless if I win or not, it’s nice to see so many people with the same passion that I have for the outdoors!!!!

    • Good luck Mike. You’ll love those boots for sure.