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Not To Be Left Out

I’m in Wickenburg Arizona now and moving on to Sedona tomorrow, but before moving on with those tales and images there’s a bit more to share from my time in California. I called this state home for more than 15 years. It is one of the largest and most diverse states in our nation, and while living here I took great advantage of that. I’ve traveled the entire coastline (much of it several times), spent countless winters skiing the Sierra Nevada’s and endless summers water skiing the lakes, rivers and deltas. Sailed San Francisco Bay and learned to Scuba dive along the coast. I’ve hiked more trails in this beautiful state than I could begin to count. And yes… I’ve enjoyed some city life as well. Most of my journey through California was familiar to me, and it was wonderful to see it all again from this different “state of mind”. One place I had never seen before was Anzo Borrego Desert. I posted some of those images in “My Resolve”, but there is more from that area I have not shared. I’m not sure why. Didn’t fit with anything I was blogging about for one, but I think also that these places were not what I would describe as “beautiful” to my eye. “Unique” is the word my grandmother would have used. Different. But even different has it’s place on my journey. These places were worth experiencing for perspective, and to rattle my thoughts a little bit.

The Salton Sea sits below sea level just outside of Anzo Borrego State Park. It’s salinity is greater than that of the Pacific Ocean. Between the salinity and the fertilizer run off from local agriculture the Tilapia are the only surviving fish, and as the water levels go down taking the saline levels up, even the Tilapia succumb and can be found littering the shoreline by the thousands. The streets were laid for what was hoped to be the thriving community of Salton City. Little was built. What remains is in disrepair at best. Across the Sea is Bombay Beach which is littered with the skeletons of motorhomes and boats and trailers brought in my hopeful residents. I was very troubled by this place. The vast numbers and stench of the decaying Tilapia were disturbing enough, but that is nature’s waste and part of the cycle. It did not disturb me nearly as much as the decay left behind by man. That I found repulsive.

Salton City Marina

Very near the Salton Sea is another thought provoking place, Salvation Mountain (and Slab City, although I didn’t go there). This colorful man-made mountain was built by Leonard Knight out of adobe, straw and thousands of gallons of paint. It’s purpose… to spread the word… God is Love. 25 years in the making. Read more here…

Another interesting life-long project by one man is Watts Towers in Los Angeles. Simon Rodia, an Italian immigrant, spent 34 years building these structures. Once completed he deeded the property to a neighbor and moved away, never to see his towers again. More on Watts Towers here…
The rest is just a miss-mash of miscellaneous images from my time here in SoCal.
The stairway in Old Point Loma Lighthouse…
Sunset on Mission Bay…Mr. Sandman???Zippy and The Beast at Carslbad State Beach…Sunset from Carlsbad State Beach…
Gathering with my friends from “Camp Sketchy” for one last BBQ…

image by Amy Cantrell

My last sunset along the California Coast, at Carlsbad State Beach…
Lost in the embers of a campfire…
Oh, and let’s not forget test driving  a Hobie Kayak in Oceanside…
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  • patty

    i grew up camping at Carlsbad State park….have a time share in Oceanside….am leaving montana to san diego (santee) in about a month and a half to take care of my mama….loved these pictures…all so familiar to me……great traveling along with you!!!

    • fran

      Thank you Patty. I’m glad you’re enjoying the journey along with me. I really loved the towns and coastline of Carlsbad and Oceanside. Had never spent time there and was really glad I did. Safe travels to see your Mama! Enjoy!

      • patty

        my dear mama passed away early this morning did not make it in time to see her the pictures you have on this post are places that she and all of the family went together so thank you for those bittersweet photos,those

        • fran

          I’m so sorry to hear that Patty. I’m glad to know my images here bring you a little bit of comfort.

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