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#1000Words: Hiking with kids

The #1000Words series highlights the images we’ve captured on the trail that tell a story that resonates with us.  As the saying goes “A picture’s worth a thousand words” and we believe it.  Share your images in the comments or on Twitter using the hashtag #1000Words.

Father's Day Hike

Hiking with kids is a perfect time to pass on knowledge

Father’s Day 2011 may go down as the best ever for me.  It was the first real hike I’d ever done with my oldest son, not quite 3 years old at the time.  We explored the desert approach to Oak Creek Canyon in what turned out to be a 4 mile hike.  Every other step was accented with a sharp “Dad, what’s this?”.  I was happy to pass on what I could…and make up what I couldn’t!  You have to love hiking with kids.

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  • Dan Szczesny

    Since my wife and I stepped up to be a Big Brother/Big Sister to the nine-year-old twins next door, we’ve begun to learn a lot about becoming role models and getting ready for the day we have our own kids. But I never expected to also learn the real meaning of family until a recent urban hike put myself and Janelle in front of three police officers with a lot of explaining to do. The picture I’ve included is Janelle showing off a cut she got on our hike: if we don’t bleed, get wet or get dirty, it’s not a real hike!
    For the whole story, our post is here:

    • Thanks for the comment and photo Dan.  I think your conclusions about the world is spot on.  It’s hard not to see both sides but it is a shame that there is a need to err on the side of caution.  Thumbs up to you for sharing the outdoors with Janelle though.  Adventure can be found in a lot of places.