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#1000Words: Are we really ever off the grid?

The #1000Words series highlights the images we’ve captured on the trail that tell a story that resonates with us.  As the saying goes “A picture’s worth a thousand words” and we believe it.  Share your images in the comments or on Twitter using the hashtag #1000Words.

Are we really off the grid?

Are we really ever off the grid?

My wife and I owned a cabin in southern Utah and would spend time on the trails during our weekend escapes.  We loved it because it represented an escape, a distance between us and the rest of the world.  On a hike in 2006, we came across this phone.  It gave us a great laugh but it begged the question “Are we really ever off the grid?”.

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  • Took the #1000Word challenge. You can find my post here:

    • Nice Dave!  What a great gift from your son.  Thanks for sharing.

  • So, it happened one afternoon when a UAB (Unidentified Airborne Bird) was spotted by my wife and I during a day hike at Green Lane Reservoir in Pennsylvania. The sky was clear so visibility was excellent, allowing us to notice something dangling from the bird’s claws. Cindy assembled the camera on the tripod then zoomed-out the lens to maximum magnification.

    The details of the bird were difficult to view until I zoomed-in with our photo editing program on our home PC. We were pleasantly surprised once we realized that a 
    red-tail hawk was holding a squirrel while perched on a tree branch.

    Looking back at that unique moment the obvious is true, memories like this one are only attainable when we visit the outdoors, seldom within four walls. Plus, efforts to preserve the wildlife in their natural environment is vital to the human life-cycle with capturing images (motion or still) as the added benefit.