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Happy Birthday Elissa!

This post is dedicated to the most precious gift I’ve ever been given, my darling daughter Elissa! 19 years ago my baby girl was born. Out of the gates full speed this one… intense labor followed by intense colic and soon after… intense tantrums. Running at 10 months, into everything, and never a moment of silence.  All the intensity made worthwhile by the joy and laughter she brought into our lives. The years have slipped by all too quickly, but thankfully I can look back on all the wonderful memories of her growing years with wonder and pride and amazement. Happy Birthday Sweetheart. You are, as always, my dream come true. I love you past the stars!

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  • Barb Dunlap

    Wow….what a tribute to a lovely daughter. I loved the pictures and it records so much more about the beauty of each year of growing up.
    Thank you for sharing. BARB

    • fran

      Thanks Barb. No shortage of great pics of my girl. No shortage of wonderful memories either!

  • Bonnie Cuddihy

    A gorgeous child captured forever by a talented mother! What does she think of a mom on the road? I envy you. Last year when we were in Yellowstone, the light was perfect and the river was an intense blue. I made a comment to my husband that I wish I could take a photo of that and his comment was, “I’ll bring you back here later!” He just doesn’t get it. HA. I’ll be reading your blog and living vicariously though your adventures. Good luck!

  • fran

    Thank you so much Bonnie! I’m sure Elissa has mixed feelings about me being on the road. We miss each other a lot, but she has dug deep into college life so I’d see little of her if I were still in the Dallas area. She knows she will always have a home with me no matter where I am. I’m flying her to San Diego on Friday to spend several days with me before she starts her second semester. The good thing is, unlike home… here I’ll have her all to myself! 🙂