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Sailing the Mountains of Colorado… really???

Apologies once again for being a bit lax about posting. There are a few reasons for this; I’m still trying to make the transition from PC to Mac. Not as easy as it might seem. There’s not only a learning curve, but I left all my comfortable programs and workflow behind as well. I’m having to repurchase and reload programs, and when it comes to technical stuff it’s never as easy as you hope it will be. Still trying to get organized in my RV as well. Everything has had it’s place for more than 14 years, and now nothing is in it’s place anymore. In addition, and most importantly though, I’m on this journey to experience the journey… in a free and easy way… leaving the stress and pressures behind. I have to laugh at my last post title, “Aspen or Bust”! I never actually made it to Aspen. I stopped in Basalt to visit my friend Carol with the intention of staying a day or two. I have been here a week. This place is amazingly beautiful! So much to do and see. A few days ago I felt that sense of worry creeping back up on me… tapping me on the shoulder saying “shouldn’t you be getting back on the road?” Part of the anxiousness was a scheduled flight back to Texas to take care of some business, which has since been postponed, but part of it was also knowing that my family was awaiting my arrival in the NW. Then I realized I was falling back into my old habit of putting pressure on myself to follow the plan, and be where I said I would be when I said I would be there. A few extra days here meant having to hurry through the remainder of my trip home which, knowing the beauty of the journey from here to there, seemed like a wasteful thing to do and filled me with discomfort. Then it occurred to me that the plan went out the window when the business trip got postponed. Pressure off. Breath. Call home and give them the new, rough itinerary and get on with enjoying the journey. Right now the journey is in Basalt. It was never my intention to spend every night in a new place. That kind of defeats the purpose if all I’m doing is driving, setting up “camp”, quick walk with the dogs and a meal, sleep, break down “camp” and hit the road again with an 8 hour drive ahead. My vision for this journey was to take in the beauty of places I’d never seen, surround myself with new experiences, and connect with friends, old and new, along the way. That’s exactly what I’ve been doing in Basalt. Friday (day 6) was a wonderful day hike to Thomas Lakes with Carol and my dogs.

Saturday we were supposed to sail with Carol’s friend Eric, but she ended up with a business conflict. I was far too intrigued by the thought of sailing in the mountains of Colorado to shrug my shoulders and say “oh well”. I went without her. Eric and I met over coffee and an hour later we were on our way up the mountain to Ruedi Reservoir and the Aspen Yacht Club where their end of the season festivities where in full swing… with a pirate theme! What fun! I got to meet Caption Jack Sparrow, aka Bruce! 🙂 I got to meet lots of folks actually… characters one and all! I spent the rest of the day sailing with Eric on this beautiful mountain lake, on a glorious autumn day, surrounded by turning Aspens and… canon fire and bushwhacking pirates threatening the come aboard to pillage and plunder Hilarious! I guess I handled the marauding pirates and grog well enough because I was invited back for their final races of the season the next day. That was day 7 of my journey.


Day 8… Race day began with more sunshine, even brighter Aspens, and lots of new introductions because I recognized very few of these folks out of costume. After a bit of preparation we were out on the water… me, Eric and his crew of one; Jeff. I have never been in a sail boat race before. Since I planned on photographing the entire event the guys gave me little responsibility… pull a few lines as needed and move to the other side when we do. Easier said than done with one hand (camera strapped securely to the other) in a rocking boat with a boom swinging quickly overhead and legs and lines to trip over. Needless to say I suffered a few bruises, but OMG what a day! Every bit as beautiful as the day before, and these folks… although competing with one another… all get along so well, and treat one another like family. I can only share a few of the spectacular images I took here, and it’s very hard to decide which ones!


I’ll get y’all caught up on my remaining days in Basalt, but I’m going to go ahead and post this now. I’ve still got much to do before hitting the road tomorrow morning for Wasatch National Forest in Utah. I’ve never been to Utah (unless you count the airport) and I can’t wait to see at least that little corner of it!



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  • “two roads diverged in a yellow wood”
    Good job Fran. Toss the schedule and replace it with life. I love it! Utah is a true gift. I haven’t been to the Wasatch Mtns since the late 70’s. You are in for a treat! I sent you the Lynda info. I hope that you got it. Travel safe!

    • fran

      Missed Wasatch (this time around) but no lack of beauty along the way. I did get the Lynda info. Thanks!

  • Kathleen Kelly

    There are people who just attend an event There are people who by just being present, add energy, excitement, and change the atmosphere. I know by experience which of those people you are. So happy you are having these great adventures. I am sure those in your path are grateful as well. xxxooo

    • fran

      What a precious note Kathleen. Thank you. I look forward to seeing you later this year!

  • Larry Erickson

    Fran, I am really enjoying your adventures and honestly very envious as well. Hope your motor home is preforming ok for you. Are the dogs enjoying it as well? Call if I can ever help. Larry Erickson

    • fran

      Thanks Larry! The dogs are loving it! Thank you again SO much for finding the perfect RV for me! Note to all… if you’re looking for a good deal on a great motorhome, go see Larry Erickson at McClain’s in Denton!

  • Bruce Odelson

    Wow what a fabulous journey… do U needs some one to cook for U?

    • fran

      It has been a fabulous journey! I’m not starving yet Bruce, but ya never know. Depends on where the journey takes me. 🙂

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