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Our Team: John Roan, the Mountain UltraLight guy

I’m John Roan,  Trail Sherpa contributor and author of Mountain UltraLight, the outdoor blog with a nerdy twist.

John Roan, Mountain UltraLight blogger and Team Trail Sherpa contributor

Your Mountain UltraLight blogger, on the trail.

I have always loved the wilderness, but once I discovered ultralight backpacking, I became an addict; uhm, make that fanatic. Since you’re reading Trail Sherpa, I know you already love the outdoors. My contributions to this community are intended to encourage you to venture longer and farther into wild places … because I will show you how to do it more comfortably. Just imagine your backpack for a three-day trip feeling like a day pack. Yes, it’s doable, and no, you won’t be cold, wet or have to go without hot, great-tasting meals. Comfort on and off the trail isn’t all that difficult, nor is it more expensive than traditional backpacking … it just takes some creativity.

When I’m not writing about trips or making my own gear, you can find me hiking through beautiful places in the Western United States. Like our Lead Trail Sherpa, Tim Miner, I reside in Las Vegas, Nevada … a desert dweller. And while I have a great appreciation for the desert, there’s nothing better than wandering through an alpine meadow, fishing a pristine lake or stream, or summiting a snowy mountain pass. These magical places have tough steep trails, but we can make getting there easier by going ultralight.

Stay tuned for upcoming trip reports, gear reviews, make-your-own-gear (MYOG) projects and deliciously simple backcountry recipes!


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Author of, UltraLight Backpacking Fanatic, UL Gear Maker, Amateur Photographer, Blessed Husband/Father/Grandfather...writing about trips, gear, and inspiration in the Western United States.

  • Paul Frazier

    I took the plunge into ultra-light as well.  I have made alcohol stoves, a hammock, now a tarp for the hammock, all to decrease my weight.  I use a Go-Lite Jam 2 and just love it.  I am getting ready for a trip to the smokies this weekend.  I can’t wait to give the hammock a test.  Look forward to reading your posts.

    • Anonymous

      Good to hear Paul! It seems that once you start to go UltraLight, you just can’t stop. I find myself simplifying every aspect of my life, not just the hiking part.

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