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Archives for September 2011

Sailing the Mountains of Colorado… really???

Apologies once again for being a bit lax about posting. There are a few reasons for this; I’m still trying to make the transition from PC to Mac. Not as easy as it might seem. There’s not only a learning curve, but I left all my comfortable programs … [Read more...]

Trail Sherpa Design wants to build your website

Trail Sherpa Design is a full-service web-design solution for anyone who wants to create an outdoor-focused website. We built Trail Sherpa to gather the stories of people who walk under the sky and sleep under the stars. Storytelling is our … [Read more...]

Our Team: Brian of Brian’s Backpacking Blog

My love of the outdoors started at a very early age, almost as far back as I can remember. I was born in the south of England at a time when spending all day outdoors as a small kid was considered perfectly normal. I was the youngest of four … [Read more...]

Our Team: John Roan, the Mountain UltraLight guy

I'm John Roan,  Trail Sherpa contributor and author of Mountain UltraLight, the outdoor blog with a nerdy twist. I have always loved the wilderness, but once I discovered ultralight backpacking, I became an addict; uhm, make that fanatic. … [Read more...]

Our Team: Tim and Robin Bird of Appalachia & Beyond

A  Q&A with Tim and Robin Bird from Appalachia & Beyond, who have just joined Trail Sherpa. Q: What is your blog about? A: Appalachia & Beyond is our way of sharing the Southern Appalachian, and more specifically, the East … [Read more...]

Day 5… Aspen or bust!

I really don't even know where to begin. I've always known Colorado to be a beautiful state, but I got the royal treatment on my journey today. I got a late start out of Westcliffe (because I felt like it) and moseyed down the highway in no real … [Read more...]

Days 3 and 4… Westcliffe Colorado

I’ve enjoyed a few relaxed days in Westcliffe... visiting my friends Kathy and Bob. They have taken to running this delightful B&B like ducks take to water. Their little Inn is lovely and peaceful and Kathy’s a natural at the roll of hostess, … [Read more...]

Our Team: Rebecca of

Someone recently called me "The Perfect Woman: Equal parts computer nerd and mountain sports freak." I believe the topic of conversation started around my dirty nails and calloused hands one morning at the climbing gym, but I took it as a … [Read more...]

Our Team is ready to lead

It's been months in the making and we're just getting started.  But I am very excited to introduce Our Team here at Trail Sherpa, or at the very least the founding members. The concept I had in my head was simple: I wanted to build a team of my … [Read more...]

Day Three

Wow! What a journey. First of all, Palo Duro Canyon is beautiful. I did not get nearly enough time there, but I will be back. I met a new friend, Nancy Horton, fellow photographer who knew I was in the area. She felt as though she was imposing on my … [Read more...]