Camping Gear List - Infographic

How to enjoy camping more by taking less

6 tips for evaluating and optimizing your camping gear If you’re an avid camper then you’ll understand the desire to manage the balance between necessity and luxury, between ultralight and ultracomfort camping.  The real work - the less enjoyable … [Read More...]

How to camp

89 camping tips to elevate any campsite

These camping tips will show you how to camp like a champ Most people hit their favorite campground for a 3 day weekend.  A smaller percentage camp for a week or more at a time.  But you don't have to sacrifice comfort for adventure in the great … [Read More...]

How to hike using a journal and maps

How to hike: 8 steps to become a badass day hiker

This 8 step guide will show you how to hike like a badass day hiker and make the most of your big days on the trail. I’ve spent years learning how to hike.  Like many others, I started with short day hikes and a local guide book.  But over time, I … [Read More...]

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